Flowerica® Promotional Advertising Service

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Advertising services, namely, promoting the gift cards of others

Promotional services, namely, promoting the goods of others by providing online gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid stored value cards, and issuing loyalty reward cards;

Promotion of financial and insurance services, on behalf of third parties

Promoting the goods and services of others by providing a website featuring coupons, rebates, price-comparison information, product reviews, links to the retail websites of others, and discount information;

Promotional advertising of products and services of third parties through sponsoring arrangements and license agreements relating to sales events for restaurants, gourmet food stores, delicatessen food stores, food and beverage stores, edible bars stores, retail flower, plant, lawn, garden, and nursery stores, and retail stores featuring gifts, groceries, a wide variety of consumer goods of others, including accessories, gift wrapping, Personalization Services, namely, Customization of Goods through Message and Image Sculpting, Engraving, Imprinting, Inscription, Painting, Embroidery by means of HandiCraft or Laser processes

Provision of space on websites for advertising goods and services